Mohau e.V.

What is the meaning of success?

The newest definition of success is NOT having money or might, but the achievement of objectives!

In this spirit we are definitley successful, because we reached all of our aims in the last two years.

But what suit us much more are the views of Henry Ford to the topic 'success':

"Getting together is a Start, Staying together is a Progress,
Working together is Success!"

"The Secret of Success is to understand the point of View of the others!"

More and more we want to work together with the people in Atteridgeville and understand the way of thinking and acting, which is not always easy. The main problem hereby is the different way of communication and language problems.

Many development aid projects fail because of the lack of participation of the stakeholders on site.

We involve the people in Atteridgeville already when we plan a new project. We ask for their opinions and if they think that the project is a good idea or not. We ask for resources and if we can't find the human resources among the people in Atteridgeville, we rather leave the idea, than take the risk of a failed project. We don't take your donation for granted and we deal with sponsored money very carefully.

Which projects we successfully achieved up to now, and some results of our publicity work you find on the menu on the right sight and we added furthermore some 'personal success stories'.